Joyce Hill and her team specialize in assisting individuals who are considering a downsizing move in the Tacoma Washington area.

Senior Information

Joyce Hill truly enjoys assisting individuals who are considering a downsizing move, as a specialist in this area; she holds the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation.

With seniors, this type of move is an area of real estate that requires a unique approach.  Seniors are often either leaving a home of many years and are moving into a retirement community, a smaller home, a condo environment or sometimes into the home of a relative. Whatever the situation, selling a home for a Senior involves a group of collective talents demonstrating courtesy, respect, trust, knowledge and a keen understanding of the emotions involved. Joyce has worked with hundreds of 55+ individuals and their families over her 20 plus years as a realtor. 

Although each person has a different set of needs, Joyce Hill and her team are equipped to:

·         Assist individuals who are selling their primary residence

·         Work with estate sales, attorneys, executors and personal representatives and /or heirs to an estate

·         Assist individuals looking for a smaller home, a condo or with finding a suitable retirement community

Whatever the needs of the Senior, Joyce and her team are here to help.  Her caring attitude will make the move not only easier and more financially rewarding, but you will also now have a friend for life.


Joyce Hill
Joyce Hill