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The History of Proctor District Tacoma WA Real Estate Began in the 1890s: The history of Tacoma's Proctor District began in 1890 when Allen Mason established the Point Defiance streetcar stop near a popular racetrack at the intersection of Proctor and North 26th Streets. Many people constructed Proctor District Tacoma WA homes during the early 1900s that were located a few blocks away from the stop.

Many business owners also purchased Proctor District Tacoma real estate properties during the early 20th century near the stop. Many of these properties were converted into cafes, car dealerships, theaters and stores that served the needs of a growing community that expanded rapidly during the 1910s and 1920s.

Many buildings and Proctor District Tacoma homes that were constructed during the middle of the 20th century were designed to meet the needs of automobile travelers. Many of these buildings feature wide designs that were suitable for adding garages and parking lots as needed. Home buyers can see some of these designs by seeing the Proctor District Tacoma homes for sale located near the University of Puget Sound.

Proctor District Tacoma properties are now located in a Tacoma North End neighborhood that offers home buyers a close-knit community, many fun things to do and fast access to Tacoma's downtown area. These benefits make Real Estate in Proctor District Tacoma a tremendous value for a Proctor District Tacoma home buyer who relocates to the Tacoma area.

For more interesting details about the history of homes for sale in Proctor District Tacoma, please read " Tacoma's Proctor District " by Bill Evans and Caroline Gallacci for a fascinating overview of the Proctor District's growth and development.

Metro Parks Tacoma Operates Many Recreational Facilities near the Proctor District: Metro Parks Tacoma operates many recreational facilities that are open to all Proctor District residents. Some of these Proctor District facilities include Point Defiance Park  and Masons Plaza .  

The Proctor District is Home to Many Fun Tacoma-area Attractions: The Proctor District is located to many fun attractions that are fun to explore. Some of the more interesting attractions located in the Proctor District include the Proctor Art Gallery , the historic Chalet Bowl bowling center and the venerable Blue Mouse Theater .

Moreover, Many Fun Events Take Place in Tacoma's Proctor District: Many fun events take place in the Proctor District of Tacoma. Some of these Proctor District events include the Tacoma City Turkey Trot , the Proctor farmers market , the Proctor Art Fest, the Proctor Chocolate Festival and the Proctor District Holiday Fest . Home buyers can find details about other Proctor District events by visiting the Proctor Business District's event website .
Joyce Hill
Joyce Hill