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Point Ruston, WA Real Estate, Point Ruston Area and Community Information

The History of Point Ruston WA Real Estate Mirrors the History of Tacoma's Waterfront District: The first people who settled near what is now Tacoma's Point Ruston neighborhood were a group of the Puyallup peoples who settled near the area about 500 years ago. They established a village near the modern Point Ruston real estate market along the banks of the Puyallup River. They also are also known for fishing near what is now Tacoma's Waterfront District.

The first Europeans who explored the area were a group of English explorers led by George Vancouver. Vancouver's group visited the area in 1792 while searching for the Northwest Passage.

The first people who permanently settled in the area arrived in 1852. They included a group of Swedish settlers led by Nicholas DeLin who established a sawmill and a barrel factory near what is now the intersection of Dock Street and Puyallup Avenue.

Interest in modern Point Ruston homes for sale was sparked in the 1990s and 2000s after Tacoma residents began extensive efforts to revitalize Tacoma's downtown area. Many of these efforts focused on cleaning up sites that were once used as smoke stacks and copper smelting plants by the American Smelter and Refining Company during the early 20th century.

Point Ruston homes are now located in a beautiful Tacoma neighborhood that offers home buyers a friendly atmosphere, beautiful views of Puget Sound and several beautiful custom home designs. These benefits make homes for sale in Point Ruston a wonderful value for anyone who relocates to Tacoma.

For more information about the history of real estate in Point Ruston, please read " Tacoma's Waterfront " by Caroline Gallacci and Ron Karabaich for details about how the area near Point Ruston properties was developed.

Metro Parks Tacoma Operates Many Recreational Facilities That Are Located near Point Ruston WA Homes: Point Ruston properties are located near more than 60 parks that are operated by Metro Parks Tacoma. Most of these parks offer access to athletic fields, basketball courts and picnic areas that are open to all Point Ruston residents. 
Point Ruston also maintains several parks and recreational facilities within the neighborhoods borders. The Waterwalk is completes the connection between the Ruston Way Promenade and PT. Dfiance Park.  Along the Waterwalk residents enjoy thoughtfully appointed benches, manicured gardens and inspired playgrounds.
Residents will love The Ferry . Located along the shores of Commencement Bay is Point Ruston's Event Center. The Ferry looks over Mt. Ranier and has premier waterfrint views. This state of the art facility is the hub of Point Ruston's recreational life.  
Tacoma is Home to Many Attractions That Are Located near Friendly Point Ruston Real Estate Agents: Tacoma is home to many attractions that are located near a friendly Point Ruston real estate agent who can help you purchase a great home. Some of these Tacoma-area attractions include the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory , Tacoma Union Station and Cheney Stadium .

Several Fun Events Take Place near Point Ruston: Several fun Tacoma-area events take place near Point Ruston. Some of these Tacoma-area events include the Tacoma Fall Garden Festival , the Tacoma Harvest Fest and the Tacoma Freedom Fair . For more information about other events located near homes for sale in Point Ruston, please visit the Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitor Bureau's event website .
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Joyce Hill